Cleaning House

Yesterday I was in my room working on cleaning out a drawer or two, and ended up cleaning all of the clutter out of my bedroom.   I looked at objects as well that had just been sitting there on my dresser, but never used.  When I took it off and put it in the closet, the dresser felt so much more restful.

 So why am I boring you with this?  Because it just reminds me that sometimes, instead of needing more stuff to make our lives better, we really need less.  Lauri Ward, founder of Use What You Have Redecorating, takes a survey of her clients homes and first tries to pare down and use what they have before rushing out to buy more furniture.  She mentions in a post here that when she was on the phone once with her daughter (who was at college), her daughter mentioned that she was having a hard time concentrating on her studies. 

 “Is your dorm room messy?” she asked her daughter.

 “Yes,” her daughter replied, “How did you know?” 

Ward went on to advise her daughter to pick up her room (sigh, I guess this is a lifelong task of moms J), at least her floor, and that it would help her feel more relaxed.  Her daughter called later to say that it had helped immensely. 

Sometimes we look at housecleaning or neatening as dreary chores, but what if we instead looked at them as a new kind of “me time,” the kind that rewards you in the end with a sense of accomplishment and a restful environment?

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. My husband would definitely agree with this! I love a clean home, but rarely find one because I feel like I am constantly losing the battle between our three kids and the dust bunnies…lol!
    I am thinking that I need to do some reorganization though…

  2. Mrs. Q – I can echo you on the constant battle, and I only have one little guy who’s not even walking yet! Yesterday I found myself staring at the living room, thinking, “Didn’t I just clean this area up?” My son seems to think it’s a game: “Mommy cleans up, and then I get to throw all the toys out of the basket again . . . ” ;) It’s so hard to not just want to throw in the towel sometimes and let it all go messy, but I know more and more how it impacts my mood now, so I’m trying to keep up where and when I can.

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