Super Savings Saturday: Great Deals at Safeway

My son has been battling one of the worst colds he’s had so far, and a few days ago, was practically inconsolable.  This is kind of unusual for him, as he normally is laid back and happy regardless of his physical state. 

On the worst day, I needed to get a few items at Safeway, and was nervous about how he would do.  Surprisingly, however, his spirits lifted when we set out, and he was grinning in between coughs and sneezes at the customers and cashiers in the stores. 

Maybe it’s because he knew mom was in a deal-finding state.  This week at Safeway, they had a few great specials, including a 5 lb box of Cutie Clementines for $4.88 (which came to $3.88 after applying a $1 coupon from this past Sunday’s paper), bell peppers of all colors for $1/lb, boxes of Kellogg’s fruit snacks for $0.50 after discounts and coupons, and loaves of artisan French bread for $1. 

I also got a few bags of Cheetos and luncheables for $1 each, which normally are not on our grocery list, but my son and I will be headed to Alaska this coming Thursday for a 2 1/2 week visit with my sister and her kids, and I thought the packable treats would be a welcome diversion (for mom and son) on the 9 1/2 hour journey we’ll take.  It’s been hard being so far away from my sister, and when her husband was recently deployed to Iraq, my dad generously gave me more than enough money to buy a ticket to go see her!  On top of that, my dad will fly up there too and be there for several days so that he can see me and Eli AND watch the grandkids while my sister and I go out!  I hope he knows how fast Eli can walk these days . . . :)

As a result of the trip to Alaska, our food budget looks a little different this month.  I set a goal to stay within $90 for the time when we’re together, and thankfully, we’ve been able to meet it.  The rest of our food budget will be divided between my husband and I as we go our separate ways, with a little extra thrown in for both of us to eat out.  It will be interesting to see how we do with our separate funds!

On the menu for the rest of my time here:


Special breakfast:  French toast w/maple syrup or strawberry butter, eggs, sausage, and coffee or juice

Leftover chicken and dumplings and veggies for lunch

Turkey meatloaf, twice baked potatoes, and green beans for dinner


meatloaf sandwiches, chips, veggies or fruit for lunch

leftovers for dinner


salmon cakes, caesar salad


black bean soup w/ cajun sausage, corn bread muffins


Subway $5 footlong (eating out for Early Valentine’s Day :))


By the way, I’d love to hear anyone’s tips on traveling on a packed plane with a 16 month old in my lap all the way to Alaska!  :)

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3 thoughts on “Super Savings Saturday: Great Deals at Safeway

  1. We live in Alaska and have made many trips with our 2 year old. We have kept track of how many flights he’s been on . . . 42 total now! For the most part, he does great on the flights. In fact we’ve only had one bad experience.

    Tips. . .
    1) Change his diaper right before getting on the plane. It’s a pain doing it in the airplane bathrooms, though not impossible.
    2) Keep him awake until you’re on the plane. Even if he’s ready to sleep, don’t let him. Sleeping is by far the easiest way to ensure a smooth flight.
    3) Have snacks ready.
    4) Have a couple toys available, but save them for as long as possible. We have our son play with the seat tray, safety briefing card, magazines etc. first and save his toys for the last resort.
    5) Feel free to walk up and down the aisles when the fasten seatbelt sign is off. This is a lot easier if you have an aisle seat.
    6) We continually talk to our son about what is happening and what will happen to keep his mind occupied.
    7) We don’t do earlier boarding because we have a child, we wait until almost the end of the line. If you get on right away it just means more time on the plane. Pack lightly in the way of carry on so you can board quickly.
    8) Sing songs and nursery rhymes with your son. Make up some actions to go along with them. I don’t do this at home so it captivates our son.
    9) If you have a hard time . . . this too shall pass. =) Enjoy your travels to the great state of Alaska.

  2. Buy a board book that is about airplanes. Pack lots of snacks. Buy little toys and wrap them. Of course you spread out giving them to him throughout the trip. First the unwrapping will keep him occupied and then playing with the toy.Good luck! I hope you have a great time. I hate living apart from my sister too.

  3. oh man. Good luck!
    My tips for the single flight I took with my 2 yr old on my lap: I brought tape and band aids and these kept her busy for a long time, plus they’re very light and double up for real needs.
    And maybe the plane WON’T be packed and you can snag an extra seat. THat would be awesome. Otherwise I hope you get to sit next to someone who loves kids :)

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