Good Friday – Pt. 2

My husband today also reminded me without saying anything the touching nature of sacrifice.  I had gotten an introductory issue of a new magazine from the publishers of Cooks Illustrated.  I subscribe to Cooks Illustrated already, and this magazine, Entertaining, is a seasonal compilation of recipes and menus from past issues and cookbooks.  I had intended to just get the first issue for free and then not continue the subscription because we really can’t afford it right now, but found myself really impressed by the high quality of recipes, tips, organization, and menus this new magazine offered.

“Caribbean fruit salad with vanilla syrup,” I read aloud to Michael as he sat reading across from me at our kitchen table.  “With mangos, papaya, passion fruit, and vanilla . . .” I continued on. 

“Sounds good,” he replied.  I proceeded to show him the menus they had in the back.

“Mother’s Day Breakfast for 4 to 6:  Sticky Buns with Pecans, Scrambled Eggs with Arugula, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese, and Minted Honeydew, Grape and Kiwi Salad.”  I sighed as he got up to come over and look at the pictures in the magazine.  “Wanna subscribe?” I asked jokingly.  I knew, though, that it wasn’t a necessary expenditure.

“How much is it?” he asked.

“$19.95,” I said, and then continued to look at the recipes as he walked into the living room.  He returned to the kitchen and tossed a $20 bill on the table. 

“Where did this come from?” I asked, surprised, “From your spending money?”  He said it had, and I felt even more touched, as he only gets $40 a month to spend on extra things beyond our basic budget of food, gas, utilities, etc.  “Are you sure?  You really don’t have to do this . . . “

“I want you to get it,” he replied as he went back to reading.  And that was that.  I leaned across the table to give him a kiss.  I hope to make him glad he did buy this by making a lot of recipes from it in the near future :).

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