On vacation

I hate it when blogs sometimes just disappear, but realize that lately my own has been doing the same thing.  I am on vacation right now, the last official one before we begin the countdown to Baby D #2 in September.  We are at a beach resort timeshare with my husband’s family, and enjoying all the “downtime,” but I think our son Eli is enjoying being the only grandchild even more, at least for now.  Soak it up, kid.

I’ll be back and posting in a week!

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2 thoughts on “On vacation

  1. First of all, awesome banner! Are those old books?! Secondly, I know what you mean about blogs disappearing. It makes me realize that I don’t appreciate those blogs enough. Some I really rely on! BUT… I think we all need a blog vacation once in awhile. And you may need a second vacation in another month or so!!

    • Mrs. E. –

      The banner was part of the WordPress theme I chose when I switched the design on this blog. I’m glad you like it . . . one day I’d love to have more flexibility with banners, design, etc. but for now, I think it’s enough that I can get posts in! :) I agree with you on not appreciating certain blogs enough. It’s weird how you start to view certain blogs as friends who give you advice, almost like someone over a cup of coffee. It’s easy to feel isolated in your own world, especially as a mom, and even harder to find friends sometimes who are likeminded in your interests. That’s what makes blogging so great – you can find a person who has been there before you that normally you’d never know, and they can make a tangible difference in your life!

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