Warning: This toddler will self-destruct in _____ minutes

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point.  Last night, after finishing up a cozy family dinner with a homemade pizza and soda, my husband put Eli down to sleep, and worked on the dishes.  Over the past few days, Eli hasn’t taken to falling asleep very easily, so he often cries for 20 minutes or so before he’ll nod off.

I eventually came into the kitchen to help Michael out a bit, but as we were working, we heard Eli’s cries change to a loud “THUNK,” followed by silence.   We looked at each other and wondered out loud, disbelievingly, “No . . . you don’t think he climbed out of the crib?”

Sure enough, there he was, laying on the floor, having resumed his wails when we walked in.  It’s interesting how, despite our mostly common beliefs on parenting tactics are, when chaos ensues, our differences really come out.  Michael had picked up Eli and kept on trying to show him in a stern voice, “See this crib?  NO CLIMBING OUT OF THE CRIB!!!”

I, on the other hand, wanted to just hold Eli and comfort him.  He eventually went back to sleep, only to awake refreshed enough this morning to find a glass on the desk and shatter it all over the coffee table in the 30 second period I happened to not be watching him.  Sigh.

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One thought on “Warning: This toddler will self-destruct in _____ minutes

  1. I truly empathized with this one. Miles had a hard fall the first time he fell out of his crib too, and I don’t remember how either Matt or I responded verbally, but I know both of us took a turn holding him close. The second time he got out of his crib a few days later at 2:30 in the morning, and there was no thud, but the crying seem to have subsided for a few minutes, and as I went down the hall to check on him, he was walking towards me, which really startled me. This stage of life will pass quickly enough, but it certainly can be difficult.

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