Surfacing for air

When I lived overseas in Uzbekistan, one of the things the government did there every year was proclaim the coming year as the year of a particular theme.  Hence, if it was the year of the elderly, they would have events all throughout the year to both honor as well as serve the elderly.  I liked the idea of theming a year before it even began – kind of like an indirect New Year’s Resolution that would steer your actions and give some focus to them.

I’ve thought to myself lately that it would be nice to have a year of not complaining, though I doubt I would ever make it through that year without uttering one word of discontent.  I don’t know why, but it always seems that life likes to bring us craziness in the midst of all of the sweet moments, and my personality has to work hard to not focus on the difficulty of the craziness sometimes.

We are now officially living in Alameda, CA, and I’m highly enjoying the completely renovated duplex we have.  However, I am also discovering that the two-year-old-running-around-among-all-the-moving-boxes-that-we-have-yet-to-unpack effect can kind of dampen the granite-countertops-and-washer-and-dryer effect.  Doesn’t Eli realize that he’s supposed to act calm when I have a window over my kitchen sink?  I found myself standing the other day reading the user guide to our new, environmentally sustainable linoleum.  “Try not to leave food or other debris on the floor for too long,” it advised as a Cheerio crunched under my foot.  I try to follow those directions, but the problem is, new Cheerios keep on replacing them.

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4 thoughts on “Surfacing for air

  1. Congratulations! It sounds as though you are quite happy be in your new home. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, but have never commented before. May your family be richly blessed as this new chapter of your life unfolds!

  2. Congratulations on this new chapter in your life!
    May you have more laughter than tears!
    I think a “themed year” sounds great!! Hmmm….I wonder what I shall make my year be??

  3. oh, how funny! I can’t imagine trying to live with a toddler and a baby and unpack at the same time. grace and peace to you. . . .
    I just can’t imagine a year of not-complaining. I need a safety valve. Maybe if I limited my complaining to just my journal or else vowed to follow complaining with gratitude or some kind of positive action.
    Maybe a year of kindness for me. I find myself amazingly snappish to the people I live with.

  4. Thanks for all of the warm wishes :). After being such a bad blogger for the past few months, it’s encouraging to hear from some who still are reading it.

    Margo, I’m not so sure this coming year will be a year of not-complaining for me either, though my husband would like that. I think I just find myself too easily noticing things that are wrong instead of things that are right. I’ll feel stressed because I’m constantly going back and forth between my baby and my toddler, all the while forgetting how beautiful my baby’s smiles and laughs are when he wakes up from his nap, or how cute my toddler is getting when he comes up and mimics us by squeezing our cheeks and going, “OH, dose tseeks!!! I want to notice more of the things that are going right and less of the things that are not so great.

    I also agree that all negative comments are not complaining – some of it is just expressing what we are feeling, and if we don’t do that, we’re going to explode in a really bad way later.

    Darlene, I’d love to hear your ideas on what you want your year theme to be. I’m still ruminating over mine.

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