Spring Break

Because it is Good Friday, Michael has the day off, and is out right now with Eli buying formula at Costco while Dylan naps.  We are gearing up here to fly to my mom and stepdad’s place in San Antonio tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to this first part of the trip, because it will be the first time in a long while that we have spent Easter with my mom.  She’s gearing up to do an Easter egg hunt in their backyard for Eli, which I know he’ll love.  Ever since we took him to a Spring Egg Scramble last week, he’s been asking about “Da eggs” and “Da Eastah bunny.”  Having little kids definitely makes you realize even more how nice it would be to have family closer by than Texas or Washington, DC or Alaska or LA. 

After a few days there, we will take my grandpa’s older SUV (which is actually much much newer and nicer in terms of mileage and maintenance) and drive it back to California through the desert.  I’m hoping that I don’t look back on this time and think, “How in the world did I ever think that a 3 day road trip through the desert with two little kids was a doable idea?”  Fortunately, we have friends in one city and enough frequent flier miles to use for a hotel room in another that we will be able to break it up and hopefully not wind up too exhausted :).  After three days of driving we will stop in once more in LA to see another set of grandparents before we come back home.

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