Surprise, surprise!

Well, our summer break is finally drawing to a close.  For moms of kids who are returning to school, I’m sure many are breathing a sigh of relief.  For moms like myself whose husbands are returning to school, I’m sure many are taking a deep breath.  :)

Our menu planning for this month has taken a simplified turn.  The meal rotation now includes rotations of frozen specialties from Costco, rotisserie chicken that I don’t have to deal with cooking myself, and easy meals like sandwiches and salads in the evenings.  I’m still making a few things like homemade granola and the occasional soup (because the highs are in the 60′s currently), but for the most part, my motto has become “whatever I can afford not to do, I will pay for.”

Did I give up on more frugal ways of cooking?  Did I suddenly decide that making things from scratch is for the birds?  Did we get a generous raise that allowed us to expand our food budget to make life easier?  Or did I promise my husband I would take a test when my birthday rolled around, trying to hold out because I didn’t want to pay for a test that I was sure would be negative, and find out that I was wrong?

We are not yet out of the 1st trimester, but here is a picture of Little D#3, taken this afternoon at 8 weeks, 3 days.  Say hi to the world, Little D!  God-willing, we’ll be meeting you in person March 2011 :).

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9 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!

  1. EEK!!! I’m so excited for you!! I’m also pregnant, due March 11. I was wondering why you aren’t cooking, I sure don’t feel like dealing with the smells! I’ve had a rough time so far and am so thankful my hubby has been home for the summer (he heads back to school in 2 weeks). Its my first pregnancy, though I’m already a mom (through the miracle of adoption). My first ultrasound is Thursday.

    • Nancy – Congratulations back :). So far, the Dr. says our estimated due date is March 18, so we’re pretty close. Smells don’t bother me, but sights of foods are another matter. Just the other day I opened the pantry to look at a jar of dried yellow peas, and suddenly I was thinking of eating beans, and the though grossed me out so much I would have thrown up (but I pretty much can’t – just lots of nausea :)). My first two pregnancies were a breeze in the 1st trimester, but already in this one, I’ve sent my husband out several times to get random items. Your first ultrasound will be so much fun if you’re as far along as you are – around 9-10 weeks they look like little gummy bears doing a jig inside you :).

      • Thanks! I’m having a terrible time menu planning & cooking because nothing appeals. Thankfully, I’ve been able to eat dairy and bread so lots of grilled cheese lately! It was so cool to see your ultrasound since we have close due dates. I can’t wait! I’m anxiously awaiting for the second trimester as this one as been tough. Plus I can announce it on my blog/Facebook once I’m farther along. We’ve dealt with 7 years of infertility so I’m a little cautious (yet excited)!

  2. If this pregnancy is already so different from the other two… maybe it’s a girl?!?!?! :) Either way, so very exciting. Yay!

  3. Jenni- CONGRATULATIONS!! So excited for you and your family! And going from 2 to 3 is much easier than going from 1 to 2… you’re already used to the chaos, and the older two can entertain themselves much more easily. And the third child just has to go with the flow. I hope you get through the first trimester and aren’t feeling too terrible. Thank goodness for naptime right?

  4. Congratulations from a lurker. I’ve been following of and no for couple of years now. I suspect you’re going to have a girl. Good to hear you’re relaxing about the frugal food. There is a time for everything….

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