Fall Decorating 101 – the Little Boy version

Here in the Bay Area, the weather has been a bit erratic.  We have had a cold summer (even for those used to chilly summers), peppered by two or three day heat waves.  I’m a bit nervous about the next couple of months, because typically they are our hottest months of the year, but I’m holding out hope that the weather will stay tolerably cool until the real cold months arrive.

But whatever.  It’s officially September, and officially Fall in my book.  I don’t know why I’m so excited about this season, but my theory is that for two of the last three autumns, I was in a bleary-eyed, sleep deprived state of mind after I gave birth to each of my boys in September.  In fact, most of this season was a blur until I got to Christmas, and both Christmases (2007 and 2009) I remember wanting nothing more for a gift than a full night of sleep.

This fall, however, I’m actually getting consistent sleep at night, and now that my 1st trimester is waving goodbye, so are the fatigue and nausea that have come with it.  I feel good.  I feel domestic.  I feel like I want to go and buy apple cider and bake cookies and make stews, soups and roasts.

Rachel at SmallNotebook recently wrote about waiting for perfection, where we’re always saying “When this happens, then I’ll be better off, etc.”  I too have been struggling with that feeling a bit in terms of nesting, and making our home feel really homey.  Part of it is due to having two little boys and the consequent kid-proofing that comes with that, but I think that some of it too is waiting for that place in life that may not come for awhile.

I think that part of me feels like when I have boys, I can’t put out things like candles or little displays of pumpkins, because they will go either unnoticed or noticed and destroyed.  And while that may be partly true, I am realizing that even if they won’t notice it, I will, and that just because Pottery Barn kids can live in houses where there are candle displays on every coffee table doesn’t mean that I have to put them there.

So I’m trying to do little things here and there.  Today, I put up four matching wall-sconces that hold candles in our living room.  I’m thinking about making these little fabric pumpkins, which will feed my need for creating something as well as having some holiday decorations that don’t rot or crack under little hands’ curiosity.

What about you?  Are there any fall traditions or decorating you are doing?

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2 thoughts on “Fall Decorating 101 – the Little Boy version

  1. Yay for the second semester & being able to eat normally again! I love the fall. I have a small box of fall decorations which has gotten smaller when I became a mom. Candles and other tiny doodads don’t seem to mix well with a toddler. I’m anxious to check out what’s in the box because I forgot what I have left. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend. I’m starting to feel a tiny bit better too. Today marks my first day of my second trimester and I’m praying I feel better than the first.

  2. I have been itching to pull out the crock pot and make a stew, or bake pumpkin bread, even though it’s still in the 80′s here during the day. I’m with you though- I love fall, and once the kids go back to school, fall becomes official, despite the temperature.
    I totally agree about decorating with kids… there are so many ideas that I have and things I want to do, but ultimately for us, it comes down to money, so we live with what we have until there is a little extra for something new. Someday, when the kids are all older and the urge to touch everything isn’t so great, then we can decorate as we please.

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