12 DIY projects I want to work on this year

Crystal over at moneysavingmom.com recently blogged about her plans to tackle DIY projects in the year to come.  I like this idea – a year can go by so quickly, but if you break down those things you’ve always wanted to try into 12 goals, one per month doesn’t seem so hard.  I haven’t assigned my list to particular months yet, mainly because I’ve found that it’s easier just to have the list and pick what will fit the best in that particular month once I’m closer to the actual time.

1.  Upholstering a piece of furniture

2.  Homemade buttermilk

3.  Homemade soap

4.  Homemade waffles

5.  Homemade sourdough bread

6.  Homemade jam/preserves

7.  Homemade curtains

8.  Kids sandbox

9.  Headboard

10.  Map wall art

11.  Personalized pillows

12.  Homemade roman shade

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