I need a reset button for my day

I had a rough morning today, and I’m not quite sure why.  I woke up feeling rested.  I had finished the dishes and cleaned up our family room last night, so the house wasn’t a total wreck.  But for whatever reason, my patience was thin with the boys.  It was a stretch to make it till naptime, but they are sleeping now.

The funny thing is, the first thing that popped into my mind to do about it was not to “rest” in the sense of sitting down, but to make some pizza dough.  I’m starting to get into the idea that you can start something in the morning or the middle of the day when you only have five or ten minutes, and then let nature take its course as you finish off other things the rest of the day.  I have started to fall into this rhythm of making dough in the morning (sometimes with the boys), and then letting it rise in the afternoon while they nap, so that we can bake it in the late afternoon or early evening.  Eli has grown so accustomed to this routine that when I ask him what makes the dough rise (I’m trying to explain the power of yeast or leaven) he says, “It rises when we take our nappies.”

Making dough with yeast can sound daunting to many – it takes time, planning, and there are some failures along the way.  But I like that it requires something of me that goes beyond just opening a can or bag.  I like that it asks me to be patient, to persist when there are kitchen failures, to analyze and research when something has gone wrong, and to rejoice when something turns out really well.  In return for the time and effort I put in, I get a sense of accomplishment and confidence.  And saving money is not a bad benefit, either :).



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3 thoughts on “I need a reset button for my day

    • Yes, my favorite new discovery is the spaetzle maker – how did I ever live without this thing? It makes delicious mini-dumpling noodles in 5 minutes flat, including cooking time.

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